Who we are

Bridget McKenzie – Founding Director

e: bridget.mckenzie@flowassociates.com

Bridget McKenzie has twenty years experience in delivering innovative museum and gallery education. Her experience includes several prestigious posts, notably Head of Learning at the British Library, Education Officer for Tate, lead consultant for Clore Duffield’s Artworks Awards and Co-ordinator of Young at Art for the University of the Arts. At the top of her profession, Bridget has been responsible for implementing accessible learning policies and new approaches to public exhibitions, workshops and websites for national projects. She is equally happy working with small institutions to improve their audience reach and educational practice. Bridget has linked interests in the use of web technologies to enhance learning and the role of ‘creative enquiry’ in learning and environmental sustainability which she writes about on The Learning Planet.

Mark Stevenson – Founder and Chief Operating Officer

e: mark.stevenson@flowassociates.com

Mark’s twin passions are for communicating knowledge without trivialisation and supporting critical thinking. He has a unique skill-set that spans technology, learning and communication and is in constant demand as a consultant and speaker on future narratives, institutional innovation, engineered serendipity and learning, working with governmental organisations, banks, museums, creative agencies, technology companies, universities and schools.

His first book ‘An Optimist’s Tour of the Future’ was published in early 2011 by Penguin and Profile to rave reviews. His second The Shift: why our systems are failing us and what will replace them will be published in 2015

Mark holds a first class honours degree in Information Technology, is a fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, Nibmaster General at the Ministry of Stories and founder of the The League of Pragmatic Optimists. He also sits on advisory boards for Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Earth Challenge, the crowd-investing company Trillion Fund and Pearson College. Additionally he is part of the Transport and Fuels steering committee for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and Senior Advisor on Global Trends and Innovation for Grupo Punset.

In his spare time Mark writes farce (Octopus Soup tours the UK in spring 2015) and plays in the progressive rock band Quantum Pig.

Katherine Rose – Director, India

e: katherine.rose@flowassociates.com

Katherine Rose is a museum and gallery educator with eleven years experience working with a wide range of cultural organizations. She began her career in publishing, where she worked at the Tate. She has since developed schools, family and outreach education programmes for a range of museums, galleries and arts organizations in London, including the October Gallery and Leighton House Museum. She has written and produced many learning resources, including co-authoring The Art Gallery Handbook – A Resource for Teachers (Tate, 2006). She moved to Delhi in 2009 where she led the establishment of Flow in India, building relationships with India’s leading cultural organisations. She has a special interest in supporting the growing movement in museum and gallery education in India and in communicating about art in clear and engaging ways, particularly with children. Katherine holds an MA (first-class) in Islamic Art History from Edinburgh University and an MA in Museum and Gallery Education, Institute of Education, University of London.

Eliza Hilton – Director, India

e: eliza.hilton@flowassociates.com

Eliza Hilton is an experienced project manager, fundraiser and primary educator with eleven years experience in education and international development. For many years she worked with Aga Khan Foundation on initiatives to improve basic education access and outcomes in Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. As a part of her work she lived in rural Afghanistan for eighteen months. Since then she has managed the establishment of a research network in twenty countries for Oxford University, led fundraising and programme development for NGOs and trained as a primary school teacher. She has specialist training in improving children’s literacy and mathematical development and in the Philosophy for Children methodology. She moved to Delhi in 2010 where she led the establishment of Flow in India. She holds a BA in Classics from Oxford University and an MSc in Development Studies from SOAS, London University (specialising in field-based education research in Madhya Pradesh) and a Postgraduate Teaching Certificate from Oxford Brookes University.

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