Project Type: Experience Design

Scarborough Museums Trust

Scarborough Museums Trust is formed of the Rotunda Museum, Scarborough Art Gallery and Woodend House. Working across Collections, Exhibitions and Curatorial Flow helped build a Story of Change for the Trust to align their ambitions and identify their impacts. From this we created an audience development strategy and evaluation tools which will evidence and provide guidance as they work towards the future.

Flow is also supporting the Futurelab exhibition which is bringing three contemporary practitioners into the Art Gallery to re-imagine and explore what the Trust’s spaces can do for the people of the town.

Experience Design

Flow UK’s new director, Susanne Buck brings expertise in Experience Design, a practice that sits perfectly with our principle of ‘flow’. It looks specifically at the experience people have while visiting a show, exhibition, event or retail space. It’s a way of looking holistically at the design of content, marketing and visitor services. By focusing on the quality of audience engagement, the emotional journey, and the ideas stimulated by an experience we can improve these greatly. This has been understood in the museum world for many years but in articulating this practice, and applying creative tools, we can turn it into a powerful tool for design and evaluation.

In her work at Central St Martins Susanne has taught courses, alongside Creative Producer Pigalle Tavakkolli, aimed at brand managers, product designers, curators and marketers from the UK and abroad. She also designs and facilitates bespoke workshops for practitioners wishing to address a challenge they are facing in their company. Previous clients include HIVE – a healthcare communications agency and Guerilla Science, who wanted to learn how to use narrative as a tool in their work.