Arts and Heritage sector


Drawing on our long experience of devising and managing education programmes in museums, galleries, archives and libraries we help cultural organisations develop the most imaginative and effective services and content. We help with market research, fundraising, creative delivery, training and evaluation.

Featured Case Study:

Stonehenge World Heritage Site

We worked with English Heritage on research and creative consultancy with schools and young people to develop online interpretation and ideas to coincide with opening of the new Stonehenge Visitor Centre. We conducted substantial contextual research into the uses of technologies by schools and young people, interviewing teachers and digital educators and developed a series of recommendations on how to serve teachers of different subjects and young people. One result was the development of the Stonehenge Game, which applies challenge-based learning in a game setting.

Client: English Heritage


We help our clients understand their audiences and users, combining a deep empathy for cultural settings with methodical research and proven delivery methods. We have adapted the processes of Service Design to be particularly relevant to arts, museums and heritage organisations. This helps us devise appropriate marketing campaigns, social media strategies, educational resources and experiences. The best services and programmes maximise your impact by increasing enjoyment, dialogue and participation.

A vital part of Service Design is evaluation. We have a wealth of experience in evaluating cultural programmes, gathering evidence of impacts and reporting to practitioners and funders. We underpin all our evaluation with Theory of Change methods.

We have a leading reputation in advising on and designing digital services for cultural organisations, right through from high-level policies for government to small museums or arts groups wanting to make more of their use of social media and digital content. We work with a small trusted number of digital experts to develop websites, apps, digital content and collection management systems. We don’t push any particular technical solution – rather creating infrastructure that you can control, adapt and grow with.

Featured Case Study:

National Museums Online Learning Project

Working for a consortium of nine national museums led by the V&A we delivered a summative evaluation of the £1.2 million NMOLP project, including development recommendations for this digital access and education project, and considering the impact on the organisations as well as end users. The cornerstone client for this project, the V&A, has since involved us in four more projects involving evaluation and digital learning strategy. These include evaluating the V&A’s Resident designers in their work with schools, and evaluating their resources on African collections.

Client: V&A


“Great to work with - really responsive to our brief and have taken the work on to a new level, bringing expertise that we don't have and ideas that we hadn’t considered.”

Laura Gander-Howe, Arts Council of England

“The brief was to challenge the fitness of the existing educational model for the world of the future - which was achieved, that and more. Engaging, entertaining and effective - providing a thought-provoking, amusing and exhilarating vision of the future. It has inspired us to embrace change in our own sphere of college education to create a world-class learning experience for our students on our new campus! ”

Ann Middlemiss, Head of Organisational Development, Leadership and Learning, City of Glasgow College